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Shakespeare in a Basket Linkcheck Limited is a Bristol, UK company, incorporated in 1986 to design PC software and write documentation. Since 1995, Linkcheck has been handling internet web projects almost to the exclusion of other work.

With our mix of Internet, software design, documentation, graphics and image scanning skills, we are ideally placed to create a variety of efficient and attractive web sites. Our background as technical authors gives us an edge in writing and editing copy for web pages and in producing suitable fast-loading graphic and photographic images. As programmers, we are able to implement behind-the-scenes software to provide automatic feedback response, electronic commerce, return of selected database records, local search, guest books, and many other server and client applications.

Linkcheck not only undertakes web site design but offers web site hosting services as well. We can also act as a site's Web Master, maintaining the site on a regular basis and fielding any technical problems.

If you are considering on-line sales or e-commerce we can design and host such sites using our own secure server facilities. If you want on-line data gathering, dissemination and control we can help there, too.

Click on the menu option Client Sites for a guide to some of our designs for clients. They range from simple "adverts" to complex database applications, data gathering and display.

In addition to this corporate web site, Linkcheck owns and operates several "public service" sites - see the Our Sites menu option for details.

Have a look at our Web Design and Shopping sections, then contact us about a site of your own.
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